Featuring clips from The Raveonettes’s I Wanna Be Adored, Starz’ Gravity, Tropfest Best Actress winning performance in Jonathan Emmerling’s Mrs. Jones, and Matthew Bauer’s Pink.

I Wanna Be Adored
The Raveonettes for Dr. Marten's
Cass Bird & Molly Schiot

Starz, Episode 104
Eric Schaeffer

Mrs. Jones
Jonathan Emmerling
Best Actress Tropfest 2008

Matthew Bauer

Video by Michelle Klosinski http://www.michelleklosinski.com


Barbara Singer - Drama Reel


Barbara Singer-Drama Reel 3:23
Colin Kane - Someone Sitting Here? 1:01Colin_Kane.html
Mrs. Jones, 2008 - Best Actress Performance 4:21Mrs._Jones.html
The Raveonettes - I Wanna Be Adored 3:56Raveonettes.html
Gravity - Scene "Almost Dead" 0:23Gravity_Scene.html
Pink - Grocery Store Scene 1:01Pink.html
Skittles Tube Sock Commercial 0:36Skittles_Tube_Sock.html
Skittles Tube Sock Commercial Extended 0:49Skittles_Extended.html
Skittles Scoot Commercial 0:20Skittles_Scoot.html
Skittles Living Room Commercial 0:25Skittles_Living_Room.html
Skittles Leaves Commercial 0:34Skittles_Leaves.html
Terrorist in Love - The CollegeHumor Show 1:55CollegeHumor.html
Valentine’s Day Sucks - The College Humor Show 3:00CollegeHumor_2.html
Gravity - Trailer 1:50Gravity.html

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