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Early in my study of Aesthetic Realism, Eli Siegel - founder of this great philosophy and my mentor - recommended that every day his students should write three sentences about an object and illustrate them with a drawing or other form of art.

This assignment continues to be completely valuable. Now I have many photographs with related writing. Following are three examples.

Now and Forever
Dear Tree

Now and Forever

My feeling about America is in this poem and photograph of the American flag. I saw the flag at a construction site opposite my home on East 24th Street just two miles north of Ground Zero.

I had felt sorrow, misery, and hopelessness since the disaster and feared ongoing terrorism. But the basic beauty and hope in the American spirit and what America has stood for all these years--freedom, ethics, beauty--spoke to me through this flag. I felt in it the spirit of the American Revolution and what we cherish now.

I thought of the brave citizens taking part in the rescue operations and of American soldiers who might be overseas. The poem came to me like drumbeats. I wrote it down and photographed the flag.

I hope this image and the poem encourage and comfort others as they do me.

The poem and photograph were created by Barbara Singer. The poster was designed by
E-Anna Soong. .

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Dear Tree

The poem and photograph were created by Barbara Singer. The poster was designed by Marcus Ratliff.


Illness, disability can come to any of us. I wrote this poem and took the photograph when I was worried about the outcome of surgery. I hope they encourage and strengthen you as they have me.

© 2009 Barbara Singer. All rights reserved.